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V9000 WORM Series

Today's business IT challenge

Organizations face ever-increasing risk on their corporate data. Explosive data growth, new retention and compliance requirements, escalating costs and complexity have challenged all businesses. Traditional tape media or optical tape implementations have produced inferior results because it could not provide sufficiently rapid access and reliability. V9000 WORM storage provides non-erasable, non-rewritable WORM data permanence functionality utilizing high-throughput magnetic disk drives in a cost efficient, highly available RAID configuration. From a data perspective, the process of committing data to WORM can be thought of in the same manner as storing data on a WORM optical platter. As does an optical platter "burned" with data, V9000 WORM storage protects data committed to WORM status from any possible alternation or deletion until its retention period has expired. V9000 WORM is geared towards assisting organizations with meeting regulatory and best practice guidelines for protecting digital assets.

Absolute data permanence for corporate archival storage.

V9000 WORM takes data durability to a higher level. Corporate data assets, records can now truly locked safe .
Storing and accessing massive amounts of information high-capacity, and easily expandable V9000 series Network Storage System ensures the maximum return on your IT infrastructure investment. The same V9000 series system that provides the fast access to unalterable data can simultaneously handle disk-to-disk backup, cross-platform replication, and primary storage.

Open, Standard-based solution for easy integration

V9000 WORM storage supports open, industry standard protocols such as FTP, CIFS and SMB, for easy data access and application integration-as opposed to other WORM data solutions that require each application vendor to write to a closed, proprietary API to store, retrieve and search data.

Ease of Management

V9000 WORM storage greatly simplifies system planning and management of fixed contentstorage. The web based management software allows users to manage their storage systems via web browsers from any place in the world. Thin provisioning helps you to eliminate stranded storage. Preserve investment in staff expertise and capital equipment with series that are based on industrial proven 3GenNAS Operating System and using the same management tools. While 3Gen's products are always on the cutting-edge, our customers can rest assured that easy-to-use stays on top of 3Gen's design philosophy. 3Gen is committed to bringing advanced Information Life Cycle Management features to all businesses.